Experience API Version 1.0 Now Available for Public Comment

From ADL Team Member… Aaron Silvers: Experience API Version 1.0 Now Available for Public Comment

With the Experience API set to launch Version 1.0 on April 26, we're taking the next couple of weeks to open up our release candidate (what we think is Version 1.0) for the public to comment on anything that is unclear or downright missing in the specification.

What this means is that with over 50 developers, designers, engineers, standards wonks, stakeholders and vendors, our Working Group has been focused on this spec for the last year. We're pretty sure we got it covered, but a fresh set of eyes would help. If you're up for it, we'd welcome your comments on how to make this specification even better.

First off, review the Experience API specification. At about 40 printed pages, it's a far faster read than the 1700 pages of SCORM® documentation. You may also want to take a look at the list of issues, clarifications and suggested improvements that are already raised about the specification.

Just a brief word about what kind of feedback we're looking for. For the moment, we're interested in making sure that using this specification to achieve the goals of the Experience API is clear, as concise as we can make it, and able to be replicated by any number of developers to help support interoperability for anyone who wants to use the spec. We appreciate the kudos (and, frankly, the concerns), but this isn't a call for such feedback. If something can be better, we welcome your input on how to make it better.

To encourage as many people to participate in this open call for public comment, we've made it as straightforward as we can to share your feedback. You can simply send an email to tincanapi-spec@adlnet.gov with a subject line that briefly describes the issue or comment (you can post it to the Google Group from your web browser, alternatively) with your comments as the message (UPDATE: The original Google Groups have since been consolidated to a single xAPI Group).

You can get specific and target your feedback and share an issue through GitHub, where all the work on the Experience API specification is hosted.

If you choose the GitHub route and you don't already have a GitHub account, you can set up a new GitHub account with four simple steps. From GitHub's own help page, here's how simple it is:

  1. Select Signup and Pricing from the top of the GitHub homepage.
  2. Select the appropriate account type and level that you want to create. For a free user account, select Create a free account.
  3. Enter the requested information
    • Username
    • Email Address
    • Password (note that your password must contain one lowercase letter, one number, and be at least 7 characters long).
    • Confirm Password
  4. Select Create an Account

If you want to address something about the Experience API specification that hasn't already been raised in the issues, open up a new issue ticket and join the fun!

by Jason Haag | March 29th, 2013 | home uncategorized