The Road Ahead for Experience API

From ADL Team Member… Aaron Silvers: The Road Ahead for Experience API

As the buzz continues to build for Experience API ("Tin Can"), a question I've been asked a lot lately is "What happens next?" My answer is pretty straightforward and simple, though I wouldn't say it's easy.

Sometime around April or May of 2013, we're going to reach Version 1.0 of Experience API (xAPI). Most everything that's going to be baked into that version will be drafted by the beginning of February, when we'll freeze the scope of the specification and focus our attentions on prototyping, clarifying and implementing Experience API as we envision it for that release.

Once we release v1.0, we'll be sending it on to an open standards body. We're firming up the details on which standards body we want to work with. Here's the important take-away: while we at ADL will continue to stay actively involved once it goes into a standards body, we won't "own" the specification as much as we currently "shepherd" it.

I, for one, look forward to having a seat at such a table as an equal stakeholder in an internationally recognized and open standard for expressing and sharing activity data across contexts. I look forward to doing something with xAPI we have had difficulty doing with SCORM (after almost fifteen years): set it free.

So while the plan is pretty straightforward and the timeline is swift by any measure, there's a lot of work to do. In my next blog post, I'll go over what I think will be the big changes to happen as we move to v1.0.

One thing just to whet that appetite is that we intend to release a profile of Experience API that will describe how to meet US Department of Defense requirements for developing training content with Experience API (read: how to do SCORM things in a commonly adopted way). We're currently working with AICC so that as we do this profile it will eventually meet their requirements for CMI-5, ultimately becoming one-and-the-same.

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