Hoverwatch.com Review

The new digital age has brought us all together, but at the same time it’s caused a lot of risks. If you’re worried about what your kids are doing with their smartphone or who they are talking to, then you may be considering a smartphone tracking app. Hoverwatch.com offers the best Android tracking app on the market. This Hoverwatch.com Review will take a look at the app and what makes it so great.

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a simple phone tracking app that runs quietly in the background of the target phone and delivers reports and other information to the main phone (I.E, yours). It is completely invisible so the person being watched has no idea it’s happening. Despite this simplicity and ease of use, Hoverwatch spy app still offers a broad range of great features.

Hoverwatch What is

Hoverwatch.com Features

1.       Online Camera Tracking

This is one of the unique features of Hoverwatch. If the target phone has a front camera then you will have the ability to take photos with that camera secretly and have them sent to you.

2.       Internet History Tracking

Every parent wants to know what their kids are doing and watching online. This is another feature that helps make this app the best cell phone tracker. The app will send you a complete internet history of the target phone.

3.       Record Calls and Messages

There are several reasons why you might want to keep track of what someone is saying on the phone, whether you’re a concerned parent or lover. This mobile tracker records incoming and outgoing calls and gives you complete access to them.

4.       Monitor Sent and Received Messages, Including WhatsApp and Messenger

The main reason kids want phones is to send messages to their friends, whether it’s through regular SMS, MMS, or on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, kids aren’t very good at sharing things with their parents. This WhatsApp spy app lets you know just what your kids are sending through these messenger apps including audio and video files.

Features Hoverwatch.com

Track Location in app Hoverwatch

5.       Track Location

Location tracking is one of the most important features of a phone tracker app for Android. If you get concerned about where your family or loved ones are, then just fire up Hoverwatch. This phone tracker Android tells you where the phone is even if they turn off GPS and Wi-Fi. It’s able to find phones using nearby network distributor towers.

6.       Track SIM Card Changes

Hoverwatch is able to detect when a SIM card is replaced including the time and date. It notifies users when the SIM is changed in the target phone, including all the data such as the location the change happened.

7.       It’s Completely Invisible

The best thing about Hoverwatch isn’t necessarily that it has all of these features, it’s that it’s completely invisible. The tracker is able to run in a perfect stealth mode so the one being tracked will never know it’s even on their phone, doing what it is.


Our Hoverwatch review has shown the project could very well be the top spy app for Android users. Anyone that wants to keep an eye on their family and loved ones should consider trying this phone tracker app for themselves to see what it can do.