The TruthSpy Review

There are many possible solutions out there to keep an eye on your loved ones. They make it easy to keep tabs on children and partners and deal with problems such as trust and betrayal quickly and effectively. The problem is that not every phone tracker app for Android is created equal. Our The TruthSpy Review will shed some light on this particular app and what it can do.

What is The TruthSpy?

The TruthSpy What is this

The TruthSpy is one of the top cell phone tracker apps. It’s been around for several years now and regularly gets updates to stay ahead of the competition. It stands out because it has a host of great features, but it can fall short in terms of support. It also lacks some key features that you can find with other apps of this nature. Let’s take a closer look at the features of The TruthSpy.

The TruthSpy Features


  1. Intercept Calls

The TruthSpy makes it easy to record, listen to, and store phone calls. Call interception also allows for users to listen in on a phone call as it happens and provides complete access to the call logs of a target phone, including call durations.

  1. Constant Monitoring

If someone suspects that their device is being monitored they may try switching their SIM card or even changing their phone. App keeps track of these changes and gives you constant alerts about what happens on a phone, even if someone switches their SIM card or gets a new phone.

  1. Listen to Surround Sounds

One great feature of this mobile tracker is that you can remotely activate the microphone and receive the ambient sound around the phone. If you want more detail on where someone is or suspect that they are having a conversation with someone they shouldn’t then just turn on this feature and listen in.

  1. Crack Passwords Features The TruthSpy

One problem with spying on people is having to get past their passwords. That’s not a problem for The TruthSpy. Thanks to features such as keylogging this app provides you with all the details about user accounts and passwords, making it easy to spy on someone no matter what device or operating system they use.

  1. Track Photo and Video Messages

There are times when you will want to know what kinds of pictures and videos someone is sending along with what they say during calls. The TruthSpy gives you access to all the photos, videos, and other messages stored on a device, including the time and date they were sent/received, the person they were sent to, and more.


Much like the name implies, The TruthSpy gives you the truth about what someone is using their phone for. It has some advanced features, such as being able to intercept calls and listen to ambient sounds, but it falls short in other departments. Other top spy apps are able to track more messaging apps and have more features, but this is a solid basic offering at a budget-friendly price.