mSpy Review

Mobile tracking apps have become commonplace as people are getting more and more concerned about what their partners, family members, and employees are doing with their phones. Danger is just a tap away in our mobile world. It’s no wonder people turn to spy cell phone tracker apps such as mSpy. This mSpy Review will take a closer look at the features of this app that allows users to spy on Android phones.

What is mSpy?

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Since being launched in 2011, mSpy has managed to build up a solid reputation for itself thanks to being constantly updated and having a solid feature list. It’s an efficient piece of software with great customer support. Over one million people are already using this app, but what can it really do? Let’s continue this review by looking at the different features of this spy phone app.

mSpy Features

  1. App Blocking

mSpy comes with app blocking features that allow you to block any unwanted apps from the target device and stop someone from using them. Rather than having to monitor the activity on an app you don’t trust, you can just remove it.

  1. Website Blocking

Similar to app blocking, website blocking allows you to block a website entirely or allow it at certain times of the day. This is another feature parents and employers love because it stops employees from accessing time-killing websites and prevents children from accessing material they shouldn’t.

  1. Call Blocking

Another handy feature of mSpy is being able to prevent a phone user from interacting with a certain contact. This is great for parents in particular who want to be able to prevent undesirable people from contacting their children.

Monitor Messaging Apps

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mSpy is kept up-to-date so users are able to monitor the most common messenger apps. Any app like this must be able to track messages and calls from Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat at the very least. mSpy is also able to track iMessage on iOS devices and Viber and Line. It also gives you complete access to photo and video messages and calls on these platforms.


Geo-fencing basically allows users to define boundaries for the mobile phone user through Google Maps. If someone leaves this zone, then you will receive an alert. It offers information on where the user – or at least their phone – has been as well, along with their current location; a handy feature for concerned parents.

Key Logging

mSpy tracks every keystroke on the target phone, giving you a wealth of information about everything typed on the device including their user IDs and passwords, emails and text messages, and more. One downside is the feature is only available for Android.


This mSpy review has taken a close look at all the features of this spy cell phone tracker and found it to be a good choice. It’s not the best app on the market but it certainly has just about everything one could need from a mobile tracker.