We live in a world where our partners are only one tap away from finding someone else, and our kids are only one tap away from being connected with someone dangerous. It’s no wonder that everyone is interested in getting a mobile tracker to keep an eye on their loved ones. If you want to keep track of what your loved ones are doing and who they are talking to then offers one of the best cell phone tracker apps on the market.

What is Snoopza?

Snoopza is a phone tracker app for Android that lets you spy on a suspicious partner or keep an eye on a vulnerable family member. You’ll know for sure who they are talking to and how long they talk to them with this top spy app.

Snoopza What is

Soopza Features

  1. Track and Record Calls

This spy app is able to track information about incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on a target phone. It also has the capability to record these calls so you can listen back to them to know just what was said.

  1. Grab Screenshots

Snoopza is able to take remote screenshots of the target phone. Take a quick look at whatever your target is doing in an instant. This feature is handy in the off-chance that your suspicions are right and you need some kind of proof that something happened.

  1. Completely Invisible

Phone trackers such as Snoopza are completely invisible. You’ll have to install the app on the target phone yourself of course, but once it is on there the other person will never be able to tell that the app is on their phone.

In what applications does the program work?

what applications work snoopza

Works as a WhatsApp Spy App and More

If your loved one is using an app like Viber, then Snoopza is able to track their calls and messages and give you records, similar to with regular phone calls. It’s also able to record all the messages and calls made on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp; including picture and video messages. Finally, tool is able to track messages and pictures sent and received on Snapchat.

Location Tracking

Snoopza allows you to track the exact location of the person (or at least their phone). It makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi, and signal towers to track phones, and gives you a report on where the phone is. This means that you can tell just where someone is at any time.

Contact Information

This mobile tracker can provide you with information about the target’s contact list. You’ll know just who is talking to your loved one and their number. It continues to work in stealth mode, even if someone switches out their SIM card. There’s no way to escape the spying capabilities of Snoopza, or even detect that any spying is happening in the first place.


This Snoopza review has taken a look at the features of app and found it to be a great way to spy on Android phone. Something that sets software apart is that it works as a phone tracker for free; there’s a free version you can try to test out the app and enjoy basic features. So give the free version a try and see if Snoopza is worth your money.