Spyzie.com Review

With all the different spying apps on the market it can be tough to find a good mobile tracker app. Spyzie.com is a solid choice with a lot of good features. Read through our Spyzie.com Review to find out more about this phone tracker app for Android.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie What is this

Spyzie is a cell phone tracker for parents wanting to keep an eye on what their kids do with their phones. It can also be used by people who are suspicious about what their partner is doing and talking to, but it is marketed primarily as a tracking app for parents. It offers plenty of features so let’s take a proper look.

Spyzie Features

  1. Spy on Social Media

Every parent wants to know how their children are using social media, but of course kids don’t tell us these kinds of things. Spyzie allows you to track social media such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Tinder, Skype, Kik, Viber, and more. Know who your loved ones are talking to and what they say on just about any platform.

  1. Location Tracking

Spyzie is a good tool for anyone interested in knowing just where their children, spouse, or employees are. It’s able to keep track of the real-time location of a device and comes with geo-fencing features. Just open up the “location” tab on the dashboard to find out where the device is. It also keeps records of previous locations. Find out where your family members have been, not just where they are right now.

  1. Real-Time Screenshots

This phone tracker app for Android allows you to take real-time screenshots of the target phone, provided that it is turned on anyway. The dashboard has a button to capture screenshots and view old screenshots.

  1. Call Logs

If you want to know who your partner or children are talking to then you can do that with Spyzie. This spy app gives you complete call logs of the target device.

feature Spyzie Spyzie Record Calls and Sounds

One great Spyzie feature is that it is able to record calls made to and from the device for you to listen to. App actually goes one step further and allows you to record the sounds around the phone as long as it is active. Just press the “record surround” button.


There are several benefits to a keylogger. They let you know what someone is saying in messages, what they are searching for, and their passwords. Spyzie presents you with a complete log of the keystrokes made by the target.

Additional Features

Other Spyzie features including browser history, photos, videos, notes, messages, contacts, and more.


Spyzie might not be the best phone tracker for free, but it still has plenty to offer and an easy-to-use interface. Everything you could want to do can be controlled through the main screen. Keep an eye on what your children and spouse are doing, get access to their call logs and message history, and more through Spyzie.